Organisational Services

Inspired Presence for leaders, professionals, and individuals 

Vocal Presence  

Our tailored Vocal Presence training elevates communication skills and organisational effectiveness. In today's professional environment, clear and compelling communication is vital. The training will cultivate presence and equip teams and individuals with the vocal techniques to captivate audiences and inspire confidence.  

Participants will: 

Participants will be able to effectively participate in meetings, presentations, and daily interactions. These newfound skills will improve interpersonal relationships, inspire confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Leadership Presence 

Our tailored Leadership Presence training equips leaders with the skills and awareness needed to lead with authenticity, empathy, and purpose. The training centres on integrating the physical body, emotional intelligence, and presence in leadership practice. It goes beyond traditional leadership models focusing solely on skills, strategies, and intellectual capabilities.  

Participants will be inspired to: 

Leadership Presence recognises that effective leadership is not only about what leaders do or say but also about how they ‘show up’ and connect with others on a deeper level.