what the water gave me

"What the Water Gave Me circles you delicately to a point of clarity and release and cleansing" - Cape Times July 2001

Written and performed by Rehane Abrahams who was awarded the FNB Vita Award for best Actress, What The Water Gave Me was directed by Sara Matchett with sound by Julia Uranium. The production is the first in a Totem-Trilogy of plays, which seeks out a feminine style of theatrical practice. It was first seen at the Cape Town Theatre Laboratory's Collaborations Festival at the Artscape Arena in November 2000.

Taking the concept one step further, we exited the traditional theatre space and presented the show at The Sufi Temple, a geodesic dome in a garden, in order to align the venue with the vision of the production. What the Water Gave Me participated in the Johannesburg Community Theatre Festival at the Market Theatre Laboratory (21 and 26 May 2001). The play is an elemental exploration, which digs up gestures, and stories that have been buried in the darkness of Cape Town's history. Use is made of Storytelling, Indian Classical dance and Physical Theatre as the action moves in all directions and is simultaneously interwoven.

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